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I've decided that I'm going to fully become a vegetarian soon, so if my general health could stop being so shitty that would be cool

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Vitamins for Brain Health

Class B, C, and E Vitamins are the most important vitamins for brain’s health. Vitamins are not only for improving brain’s health; they also take care of our complete system by providing essential energy for the brain & body cells. Vitamins likewise help in improving nervous system; some vitamins such as Nootropic supplements help in enhancing brain function by many ways. Vitamin B1 is a type of Nootropic supplement which helps is healing the damaged neurons.

Nootropic supplements: Pyritinol, Picamilon, Picamilon, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Phenibut, and Vinpocetine are the most effective nootropic supplements.

Pyritinol & Picamilon: Both of these drugs are considered to be a dietary supplement. They help in increasing blood flow to the brain and they also help in increasing the oxygen supply of the brain. Picamilon is also helpful in reducing the migraine pain and treating depression. Keep in mind that all kinds of Nootropic supplements have only one major function; to improve brain function, but all of these supplements can’t be used in a combined manner, as every supplement has different properties.

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine, has an essential impact in mental wellbeing. It helps in the creation of neurotransmitters. B6 has been analyzed in regards to anxiety, cognitive function, depression and memory. Natural sources of B6 are beans and bananas. As stated by many doctors, Folic acid (B class vitamin) helps in preventing strokes by supporting brain blood flow. Folic acid is also helpful in battling with depressive disorders. Natural sources of folic acid include green vegetables.

Vitamin B12: It may be the most essential for the brain. Most individuals who consume non vegetarian food get sufficient amount of B12, however, older persons may be lacking. Low levels of B12 may cause fatigue and memory problems. Most vegetarians are deficient of B12, so they should consume more soy products to get enough B12.

Vitamin C: This is the most common type of Vitamin, which is easily available everywhere in the form of chewable tablets. Adequate amount of Vitamin C helps in keeping a healthy brain. Just like other brain supplements, this also helps in reducing the chances of stroke. One can easily get Vitamin C from food sources such as fresh & juicy fruits, and vegetables. Why Vitamin C is good for the brain? It is a type of antioxidant for the brain, which is responsible for the good defense system. Vitamin C provides many other benefits to the brain.

Vitamin E: This is very essential for treating memory loss in older people. Vitamin E deficiency in blood may cause cognitive impairment. Natural sources include seeds and nuts.

A good multivitamin or a brain supplement will have all the necessary vitamins for improving brain health. Nootropic supplements are considered to improve the brain health and brain function.

Dosages of 5-HTP For Depression, Insomnia

Hydroxytryptophan is also known as 5-HTP. It is a supplement known for various benefits which include treating a wide range of ailments that affect the human body. Some of the common health conditions that can be treated using this supplement include depression, alcoholism, migraines and anxiety.

5-HTP is taken in orally and plays a significant role in alleviating depression and anxiety almost immediately. A recent survey revealed that the drug will sooner or later replace a lot of the anti-depression drugs used today.

Dosages of 5-HTP

Some of the studies conducted by exerts have delivered multiple test studies with marked improvements in anxiety and depression soon after beginning 5-HTP treatment. One case in point showed a sharp drop in depression symptoms after a month of usage. With more case studies involving real people getting better thanks to the supplement, we can predict that 5-HTP will become the go to daily source supplement for the mentioned conditions.

Another thing worth noting is the role 5-HTP plays to alleviate symptoms of insomnia and fibromyalgia. In the latter case, this supplement significantly lowers chronic pain as well as stiffness which is pretty annoying among people who suffer from it. A lot of people suffering from bouts of insomnia also report significant progress when they start taking 5-HTP.

While all the above aspects of the supplement have been shown, its worth noting that the full extent of the impact 5-HTP delivers hasn’t been determined. however, the clear evidence showing the role 5-HTP plays in alleviating migraines and stiff necks is marked.

Also worth remembering at this point is the fact that, there is no scientific proof showing that 5-HTP has the ability to prevent or to stop headaches, or migraines unlike what it does to people who suffer from chronic anxiety and depression. when its effectiveness is compared, 5-HTP works significantly better among younger people compared to older people.

Furthermore, 5-HTP plays a significant role in the treatment of obesity as much as its everywhere nowadays. The supplement works to either suppress the appetite of the consumers as well as lower the number of calories absorbed into the system eventually. Consequently, 5-HTP works with proper nutrition as well as exercises in helping the body reach an ideal threshold weight wise.

It is also important to note that the reason why 5-HTP is so effective with treating several conditions is because its a natural supplement. The symptoms it clears range from those coming as a result of depression, anxiety, obesity, alcoholism and fibromyaglia, among others. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, try using 5-HTP to see a marked improvement.

How to Have Younger Looking Eyes

Do you know that your eyes can actually make you look older than you really are? While aging is inevitable, there are ways to keep our eyes looking young and add a boost to our overall well being. Eating the right foods is one.

The Chinese eat wolfberries, knowing that they are good for the eyes. They usually use them to garnish soups or dishes. While the benefits of Chinese medicine remain debatable, more and more evidence has been found to support certain of their lifestyle habits, including the foods they consume.

For example, HealthBenefitsTimes.com (http://www.healthbenefitstimes.com/health-benefits-of-wolfberry/) mentions various benefits of including wolfberries, also called goji berries, in our diet:
  • Healthy immune system
  • Cholesterol control
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Cardiovascular health
Western medicine has also concluded that beta-carotene, a type of Vitamin A found in carrots and other orange-colored vegs and fruits, protects vision and promotes eye health. This form of vitamin supposedly helps the eye, including the retina, to function smoothly. They recommend the following foods:
  • Leafy greens
  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Almonds
  • Fatty fish
Of course, there is also supplementation in the form of various dietary supplements such as Vitamin A and C pills which we can take.
One visually obvious part of growing older is that we get eye bags and dark circles under our eyes. These can indeed be a sore sight to look at and a dampener to one’s effort to look and stay attractive. Luckily, there are numerous remedies that deal with such eye trouble, such as eye creams, home remedies, facial exercises; even visits to the clinic for quick (albeit temporary) fixes.
Having younger looking eyes need not be wishful thinking if you know how to keep them healthy and looking vibrant. As in all things pertaining to your health, always go natural whenever possible — this means using solutions that don’t harm or poison your body. Remember, you always have a choice!

How to Use Herbs for Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common health condition these days, and it can lead to serious and often fatal diseases such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney disease. Other less fatal but still serious diseases include vision loss and metabolic disease. It is important to have blood pressure checked regularly by a health care provider.

Doctors typically prescribe medication and lifestyle changes to help control blood pressure, but lowering blood pressure with herbs is an option some people prefer. Adding herbs for blood pressure to everyday foods is relatively simple, but it is essential that the right herbs are used. Of course, anyone choosing herbal treatment for high blood pressure should first discuss their plan with their health care provider. Certain herbs can interfere with prescription medications or have negative side effects if taken in large amounts.

Some herbs for blood pressure are already common ingredients in recipes, so making sure to add them on a regular basis is not difficult. Basil is often used in Italian dishes as well as soups, casseroles and salads. Growing the herb in a small herb garden or even in a pot on the windowsill is easy and keeps it within easy reach of the kitchen.

Cinnamon may not be considered an herb, but is a spice that can help lower blood pressure. Cinnamon is also easy to use in many ways in desserts, drinks, cereal, curry and stew. Cinnamon combines nicely with honey to create a delicious spread for toast in the morning.

Garlic has been shown to lower blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels and allowing them to relax. This allows the blood to flow easier, resulting in lowered blood pressure. However, some people cannot tolerate the strong odor so prefer to get their garlic in supplement form.

Celery is another common ingredient in recipes, and most people are not aware of its blood pressure lowering abilities. The Chinese have used celery for many years to treat hypertension. Cat’s claw has also been used in China to lower high blood pressure as well a neurological problems. This herb is available from health food stores as a supplement.

Lavender oil is often used in perfumes, and the scent can also induce relaxation. When people are relaxed, their blood pressure is at least temporarily lowered. In addition, the flowers and leaves of the herb can be used as an ingredient in various recipes.

Perhaps high blood pressure medication will eventually be necessary, but the natural approach may be the best way to begin treatment.