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David Marriott, Jr. is a jazz trombonist, composer/arranger, educator, and blogger. A two-time Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Award recipient and winner of the 1999 National Jazz Trombone Competition, David is active in a variety of Seattle jazz groups, including the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Zubatto Syndicate and his own critically-acclaimed groups Septology and Triskaidekaband.

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Updates on The Periodic Table of Jazz - Video, Shirts, and More

It's been a hugely exciting 24 hours since releasing The Periodic Table of Jazz to the world at large. I spent every free moment of the day on the phone, returning calls about the image, the idea, the design, and jazz in general. I received some great emails with questions - I will be getting to all of you, so please be patient. I also discovered more than a few more duplicate element symbols -- I think the color differences must be the explanation, otherwise how could so many people miss them, including me? I also took the opportunity to update the image in a few other ways, including taking a few missed opportunities with clever element symbols. One student requested shirts, and my motto has always been, "ask and you shall receive," so here are some Periodic Table of Jazz shirts - available in many styles, so take your pick.

I've also posted a bit larger version for folks to look at -- sorry, I'm trying not to let a printable version out into the wild for free quite yet, but I'm working on that as well (a free version).

Also, I've made a little video to show the process I went through making the poster. I made the video before making the latest changes to the design, but it should give you a look at the spurts of work that created the majority of the design. Enjoy the evolution of The Periodic Table of Jazz:

Last but not least, if you ordered a poster and it has the old design, feel free to send it back to Imagekind or Zazzle and re-order the updated version. Otherwise, you have a one-of-ten (or less) rare version print! Treasure it! Enjoy - more as it comes!

Ten Years After It's Original Release, "Septology: In The Beginning" is Now Available on iTunes

My recording titled "Septology: In The Beginning" is now available online via iTunes and a wide variety of other sources! It's taken a long time, but it's finally here, ten years after it's initial release in 1999. This recording, along with the two recordings I did with my brother Thomas, helped to start my career, and gained me a great deal of recognition as a composer. Commissioned by Earshot Jazz through a grant they received -- thank you again! -- and debuted at Jazz Alley, the work and the recording are still, ten years later, one of my proudest moments. My friends all sound so great, and it reminds me of a productive and care-free time in my life. Obviously influenced by the works of Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and the Wynton Marsalis Septet, it was my first extended work, and truly helped me find my compositional voice. I've since written two more extended works for the group -- performed, but unrecorded -- and am working on a new work that will be recorded, and very soon. Your support can only make it happen sooner! If you've never checked it out, now's your chance. Try the widget below, or find us in the iTunes and Amazon stores, as well as a variety of others (via Tunecore) -- get it cheap at Amie Street, for example. Thanks again, and spread the word!



Back from New York...For Good

Seattle, I've finally packed my final bags and belongings up and made it back to Seattle for the long haul. I know I haven't posted since the middle of August, but I have tons to talk about between then and now, so I'll be filling in the big gap over the weekend. I heard a ton of great music in the final weeks of August, and some great stuff in New York in September, so I'll be sure to get all of that stuff back up to speed. Sorry for the long dealy again, and be sure to check back soon for the Aug-Sept chronicles.

Independence Day and the Return to Seattle

Welcome one and all to my newest weblog endeavor, and a very Happy 4th of July to you. I have recently moved back to the great Northwest after nearly six years in New York City, and I can only say that it is both a pleasure and honor to return to the best music scene in the country. I recently finished coursework for my Doctorate of Musical Arts in Jazz Arts Advancement at Manhattan School of Music, but have been dying to get back in the trenches playing music. And so, after nine months with no television, roommate, internet connection, or social life, I'm back in the saddle again, as they say. I'll be using this space to comment and elaborate on my personal music happenings, as well as anything else that seems connected to -- Music in Seattle.