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David Marriott, Jr. is a jazz trombonist, composer/arranger, educator, and blogger. A two-time Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Award recipient and winner of the 1999 National Jazz Trombone Competition, David is active in a variety of Seattle jazz groups, including the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Zubatto Syndicate and his own critically-acclaimed groups Septology and Triskaidekaband.

Concept Albums Started In Jazz Recordings

41TYBMR6HQL._AA240_.jpgI'm a big fan of making concept albums - my own Septology: In the Beginning being my first foray into the genre - so today when I found this informative article from Associated Content discussing the history of concept albums, I was immediately pulled in after reading this quote:

Those with more limited knowledge of music history would maybe utter "That's was Frank Sinatra" as guessing the inventor of the concept album. Well, they'd almost be right -- but be off by about 15 years and find out it started with a female jazz singer...

The article continues to discuss the evolution of the concept album, but also talks about the waning of concept albums from the pop/rock world, seemingly because of the effort it takes on the part of the listener to appreciate. Kudos to writer Gregoriancant for this valuable piece of writing.