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David Marriott, Jr. is a jazz trombonist, composer/arranger, educator, and blogger. A two-time Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Award recipient and winner of the 1999 National Jazz Trombone Competition, David is active in a variety of Seattle jazz groups, including the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Zubatto Syndicate and his own critically-acclaimed groups Septology and Triskaidekaband.

Made in New Orleans: Best Box Set of the Year
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2133jLpr-jL._AA_SL160_.jpgAny music fan -- regardless of style -- would appreciate the completeness of this new box set, Made in New Orleans. In addition to the CD and DVD of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band that are the true centerpiece of the package, the set also boasts numerous additional memorabilia items from New Orleans and the history of Preservation Hall. And on top of that, each package is unique, with a sticker on the cellophane touting that no two sets are alike.  I had clipped an article from the Times-Picayune about this box set a couple of weeks back, but while browsing my local brick-and-mortar shop, I saw it on the shelf and knew I had to own it, if only for the collectible value, if not for the music and support it gives to New Orleans. So, here is an item-by-item detailing of everything in the box I purchased at Silver Platters today.

  1. Preservation Hall Jazz Band -- Made in New Orleans: The Hurricane Sessions, CD and DVD
  2. All-Access stage pass for Preservation Hall
  3. Three photos from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band 1980 tour, two from London, one from the New Orleans Airport
  4. 1977 receipt from P & J Brand Oysters for 1 gallon of "selects"
  5. 1974 invitation to the Olympia Brass Band concert celebrating New Orleans
  6. Current photo of One Eyed Jacks in the French Quarter
  7. Mardi Gras doubloon for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  8. 1960's photos of Preservation Hall co-founder Sandra Jaffe in the Preservation Hall office
  9. Promotional photo of Creole George Guesnon
  10. 8x10 Promotional photo of bassist Frank Fields
  11. 1961 AFM contract for the Tuxedo Jazz Band
  12. Blank stationary page from Sweet Emma Barrett
  13. Business card for Creole George Guesnon
  14. Business card for Kid Sheik's Storyville Ramblers
  15. Booklet of Preservation Hall Portraits by Shannon Brinkman
  16. Booklet on the history of the box set and recording project
  17. Deluxe, full-color sticker of the Preservation Hall logo
If that doesn't do it for you, I don't know what you think a box set should be!  Be sure to visit my postings on Flickr for complete photos of all the items.